Second Screen Statistics
Technology Provider

Mission Statement

Back in 2010 we came to the Idea to connect instantly a whole nation at the same time at the same platform.

It took us 4 years to develope such technology

According to our scalable Server System we are able to connect more then 5 Million devices in one platform instantly.

Sending manually a question to all devices exactly at the same time is the key issue.

There are many other push technologies which sends users news, videos, pictures or any kind of Media. From the 1st user to the 500.001st user takes about 6 minutes to receive the push data. It is not simultaneously.

We are able to send 5 Millions devices a question instantly and receive the responds instantly.

It is easy

to send a data from one main source
to millions of receivers.

The art is

to receive data from millions of users
to one main source instantly.

WEB Based Technology

No need for a Itunes or other account

More participants from other devices

IOS (Iphone Operating System) issues

APP technologies crashes down at large scale of participants

Bas2Bros Second Screen Software Platform

Proof of Concepts

Since 2 years we use successfully our software at several Live TV Shows.

Trusted Secure System

We experienced a lot of issues on the Live Shows;

Cyber attacks and DDOS attacks.

We found for these issues a solution which improved our software shield structure.

Many hackers attempt to hack at live Shows the server system.

Our system has been rebuilt in order to avoid those attacks.

System Performance

High performance with minimum system requirements

One virtual server node can handle 100.000 concurrent usersks.

Low bandwith requirementructure. One user uses less than 5MB of data at 2 hours live show

Fast Response Times

  • Web App Load Time: ~ 1 sec
  • Question Transmission Time: ~ 0,156 sec
  • Save Answer Time: ~ 0,224 sec

Why web application?

To create an Account a “User Name” and “Password” the participant need to register first

After registration Process the participant login to the System with “User Name” and “Password”

If the participant lost or forget the “Password”, it can recall it from the “Forgot Password” section. It just needs to enter the Username unique mobile number a mail will be send to the participant

Advantages of “User Name” and “Password”:

  • If logged off from the system of certain reasons it can login from any other device and continue to vote
  • In every episode the particpant don’t need to register everytime to participate the vote
  • It is a faster method to participate at the Show for “Stage 1” and “Stage 2”

Some of scenarios supported

When the phone call, the software continues to run in the background, while the remaining respondents seeing when the call ends, can perform the voting process.

Playing with the clock setting of the participants device can not create its own advantage, if you take the time to play back the clock settings, you are discarded from the system.

If you log-out from the participant system, knowing or not knowing if there is enough time, it continues to log events from the point where the system been left.

If the participants made the last 3 seconds before voting process, “Are you sure?” Options marked with the warning would apply directly to the encounter.

If you lock the screen in the active participants of the device, the software continues to run in the background as soon as the screen lock is removed, the remaining time will perform the voting process according to participants.

If an internet connection problems ocur in the participant’s device, located in the top right corner of the software display bar will warn participants turning red. When the connection is recovered again it turns green.