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A Amazing Interactive TV Show: “JOIN INSTANT”

Competition shows are an essential part of today’s television programming. The best competition shows have a great impact on their audiences in which viewers find themselves addicted. The home audience identifies with the competitors in the best shows and live through them vicariously- cheering for their favorites. But deep down, the viewer wants to participate personally, having a direct and immediate thrilling experience of competing for a prize in front of a large audience. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find the courage (and the opportunity) to engage in the best shows, even those most daring still must pass various screening processes and are eliminated before ever having the chance to compete.

Some may wait for years for their chance, fighting against the bureaucracy of preselection many give up hope.

“Join Instant!” is a new competition program that offers a solution to this age-old dilemma. The concept behind this original idea is to break with tradition and allow audience members to compete without the barriers of show production and procedures. This new frontier in programming brings the competitor’s experience to the audience anyone can play!

Any individual who has an internet connection is eligible to participate in “ ” – for the first time, bringing the full studio experience of competition to the individual’s home. Anyone can play, anywhere! This is a concept that has never happened before and it will shatter the current model for TV game shows, breaking all rating records in the process.


Millions will join. Millions will play. Millions will win. Millions will watch.


General Features

Name of the Project
Join Instant

Property format
Competition, TVs show

Knowledge, Intelligence, general knowledge, mind, actuality, art, history, Sports, ability and speculate.

Duration & Length
16 weeks, -60 minutes per day, 1 day a week, Live broadcast

Live broadcast stream
Every week Saturday/Tuesday between 20:30 and 22:00

Place and environment
Computer and technology-themed studio environment.

The concept of the program

This is a new completion program which gives the right to access the competition anyone who has just an  internet connection. The viewers will join the program without subjecting them to any pre-selection,  choosing, without waiting, and give the chances of the competition against all other participants. The  program gives the equal chance to millions of people to race at the same time and winning prizes; and  further, this is a contents program which meets the audience with the TV media environment and creates  the interactive participation in the TV media.


Project Purposes

Purpose of Public relations
Strength the corporate identity and image mutually, to announce the name of the corporation to the target audience and get the positive opinions of them. On the other hand, to provide appearing the brand on media.

Advertisement purposes
Support the services and use the advertising possibilities.

Marketing purposes
Support to use and marketing the products of the sponsor firm; contribute to increase the rate of sales of the products. Support the national and international marketing activities.

Promotion purposes
Contribute to the promotion of the country, especially highlighting the cultural values as well as tourists and artistic promotions on the national basis.

The purpose of social responsibility
Getting a positive feeling of the audience who think to participate in the contest and watch the show on TV. Aim to trigger self-confidence of them, since therefore, to direct them for a conscious production.

Project Implementation Method / How to Work?


Online Registration

Access to the ““ website and click to“membership” and fill out the membership form on the page. (There are some questions about of you on this page, such as your age, gender, residence etc… The participant approves in advance that the personal information and statistical data which consist of “answers of the competition“may be used. Anyone who has filled out the form to be given membership number.)


Send SMS

Participants must keep the given membership number “and send it to… (E.g. 7777) as a short message (SMS) (The short message to be charged as10 SMS)



In response to the Short message: “The entered information of the participant to be approved and the activation code will begiven that is required to login to the site” The participant must login to the. web site by using the activation code and makes the process of activation of the user’s profile. The applicant will be entitled to participate to the competition after the activation process is completed.


Showtime Notified

The Show day and time will be notified to the participants via the web site and TV. Participants will participate in the competition on the show day& time notified. They need to use a computer (minimum Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2, Mozilla Firefox 2.0, Safari Web Browser 3.0 browser and Java Script support) notebook, PDA etc. and must be connected to the internet and TV channel which is broadcasting the show.


Competition Begins

It will be provided to run the program in a dynamic structure by selecting to the questions from the different and various areas. The program is not just a knowledgebased competition, however it is improved with the Intelligence questions in funcontent, questions require attention and diversified with other topic categories. Participants may give an approximate answer to the questions of statistical data and the questions in advertising content, further, estimation questions may be used.The answers of the questions will be given by choosing from the given alternatives.


Choose the answer?

The questions and response options will be displayed simultaneously on the Tv screen and on the screen of the PC of the contender, When the contest started, The Internet participants will see the response options such as A) -B) -C) -D) via an Internet web site and must give the answer within ten (10) seconds. The Competitor will click on one of the alternatives that thinks is correct and receive immediately the message: “Your response was sent.”


Correct answer announcing!

The quizmaster will announce the correct answer when the response time is expired. The right and wrong answers will appear as in lights on the board of the giant screen in the studio following the responses to each question and The percentages of correct answers of the contestants: (A. 46% / 9% B. / C. % 22 / D. 23%, etc.)


Continued or eliminated!

A message such as :” You gave the correct answer and have a right to pass on the question 2 ( 3, /4,…..) or “Sorry, You gave the wrong answer ; unfortunately you were eliminated today , If you wish you can apply to participate in the next competition” will appear on the screen (PC) of the internet participants.


Final results with percent.

After the response time is expired, analyzes will be conducted by regarding the collected data & data processing (entered into acomputer) and the final results (which based on the various variables) will be displayed on the giant screen / board in the studio as in graphical schemes. (E.g.) Statistics data Such as: The distribution of the regions and cities of correct answer s , age group of the correc t respondents, gender, and education level, etc. and the other variables to be given.


Next Round

Any contestant, who has successfully given answers to questions, will continue the contest for the next rounds. The estimation questions (E.g.: How many coins are there in the small bowl in the studio?) or any question in advertising content may be used at the next tours. (E.g. How many Ford cars were sold in Turkey in 2012.etc….)


Congratulations the winner(s)

As a consequence ,The participant who won the competition, to be informed via TV at the same time on the computer. And the winner will be invited to take delivery the monetary award, to the next program in 1 week. The monetary award will be delivered to the winners with a (oversized) giant Bank check. If required; the first winner of the competition of each week to be raced against all Turkey during contest/or a gala dinner in the studio at the end of each month. And these 4 contestants may compete jointly against all the internet participants for the purpose of winning the grand prize.


Budget and Resources

Varies according to the application method . (The program may be operated by the same TV Channel as an internal project or it may be performed by a producer firm.

Budget items
Technological infrastructure (hardware – software), H.R. (The creative team, Editing, Technical Crew, Host(quizmaster) – Celebrity guests, Logistics, Transportation, etc.), Studio – Studio design and furnishing, Office and routine expenses.


  • Web site advertising revenue.
  • SMS revenue from the Participants’
  • TV advertising revenue.
  • Editorial (questions) and advertising revenues.
  • Revenues of statistical information and questionnaires!!! (All provided data and questionnaires have been provided during the competition from the millions volunteers, to be processed and kept in the data base according to the age, gender parameters and geographic categories.)
  • Benefits from the Sponsors